Acid sulphate soils assessment and management

Acid sulphate soils assessment and management


OHMS Environment has the skills and expertise to undertake investigations of potential or known acid sulfate soils (PASS & ASS) commonly encountered in coastal and estuarine environments and wetlands throughout Western Australia.

OHMS Environment can establish management measures for current or proposed earthworks and/or dewatering activities, undertake ASS investigations and prepare reports and management plans in line with national and state guidance documents, to ensure best industry practice. When left undisturbed, ASS don’t generally pose a significant risk to human or ecological health.

When ASS are disturbed (i.e. earthworks or dewatering) the exposure of the soils to atmospheric conditions can result in the generation of acidic landscapes. Earthworks and dewatering activities within ASS formations need to be managed appropriately to prevent environmental harm and damage to buildings and infrastructure.

acid sulfate soil assessment

Our team of experienced environmental scientists can undertake the following stages of ASS assessment:
  • desktop assessments including reviews of ASS risk maps, topographic maps, aerial photographs and a site’s geological and hydrogeological setting;
  • site inspections to confirm and assess site topography, hydrology, vegetation and surface soils;
  • soil sampling, field tests and analysis for ASS indicators;
  • reporting on preliminary assessments;
  • establishing appropriate ASS management strategies specific to project and site requirements;
  • preparing ASS management plans for implementation during earthworks and construction phases of site development.

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