Asbestos in Dust

Asbestos in Dust

Asbestos Containing Dust or Debris

Asbestos-containing dust or debris (ACD) is dust or debris that has settled within a workplace or home and has been identified, or assumed to be, contaminated with asbestos.

ACD can occur from disturbance of friable material or can accumulate over time through deterioration of in-situ materials. Such elements as within conduits or pipelines, electrical switchboards and even guttering can accumulate ACD.

One of the main occurrences of ACD that is underestimated is the degradation of asbestos cement roofs to the level that the underside of the roof readily releases fibres. Those fibres then accumulate in a roof space and can remain undetected until a competent person assesses the location. This type of ACD can even exist long after the original asbestos cement roof has been removed in instances where the remediation scope didn’t sufficiently assess the risk and/or likelihood of the presence of ACD and subsequently wasn’t accessed and/or remediated.

It is paramount to asbestos management that aspects such as ACD should be considered when the site is assessed.

OHMS Asbestos have the capabilities to assess accumulations of ACD and will provide immediate action when identified to restrict access if required. We will work with stakeholders to ensure remediation or make safe is conducted aiding in preventing undue exposure.

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