Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

  • Dr. Elaine Lindars

    Dr. Elaine Lindars

    Director, Technical Services, COH

    Elaine has been teaching for over 20 years and is a certified Occupational Hygienist and has 30 years' experience in occupational hygiene and environmental chemistry.

  • Ruairi Ward

    Ruairi Ward

    Director, Operations, COH

    Ruairi Ward is a Certified Occupational Hygienist (COH) & has over 12 years occupational hygiene experience across pharmaceuticals, industry and resources.

  • Gavin Chappell

    Gavin Chappell

    General Manager, OHMS Asbestos

    Gavin has worked within the field of asbestos management for over 18 years both in Australia and the UK. Having obtained the BOHS Certificate of Competence in Asbestos he has been providing tailored advice and assistance to clients within diverse industrial and commercial sectors over the course of his career.

  • Paul Gerber

    Paul Gerber

    Principal Occupational Hygienist, COH, OHMS Hygiene QLD/NT

    Paul has over 20 years experience in occupational hygiene and more than 15 years as an HSE manager/specialist in heavy industry, chemical processing plants and mining.

  • Emma Long

    Emma Long

    Marketing and Training Coordinator

    Emma manages the administration for all training programmes and is the first point of contact for all OHMS Training enquiries. Emma also manages the RED OHMS Group website and all social media accounts.