Monitoring, compliance and reporting

Monitoring, compliance and reporting

Environment monitoring COMPLIANCE AND REPORTING

OHMS Environment specialises in monitoring ground and surface water, air quality, noise, waste, and vibration including :

  • Design and implementation of monitoring programmes to satisfy legal requirements
  • Establishing baseline information
  • Data management and review to assess compliance and performance
  • Producing industry reporting requirements
  • Annual Environmental Reports
  • Annual Audit Compliance Reports
  • Groundwater Operating Strategy and Reviews
  • National Pollutant Inventory
  • National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting
  • Sustainability Reports


OHMS Environment provides focused & risk-based environmental solutions to support all industry to best manage risks to human and ecological health. In achieving this, we are committed to upholding strong environmental values and the provision of high quality science within a regulatory framework. OHMS Environment is a part of the Red OHMS Group and offers a unique capability of combining environment, occupational hygiene and training services that supports your business beyond compliance and towards leading practice.