Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos RemovaL 

Asbestos removal can be an extremely challenging and daunting project for even the most acute team member. Working with OHMS Asbestos can help you lessen the risk both from a commercial perspective and in terms of health and safety.
Due to our experience working within the asbestos industry we have developed a tailored management solution to independently deliver on all aspects of asbestos removal. We have acquired relationships with an approved list of contractors with the relevant licenses required to deliver all the necessary services for an asbestos removal project.

Our consultants can develop in conjunction with the client, specific scopes of work (SOW) tailored to the working environment and relevant stakeholders. The benefits of us managing the process is that we can demonstrate value for money by creating a competitive tendering process which in turn allows for comparative analysis. We will then provide full on-site supervision from start to finish of the removal works.

Our consultants hold or are working towards the internationally recognised BOHS proficiency module P403 ‘Asbestos Fibre Counting’ and P404 ‘Air Sampling of Asbestos and MMF and Requirements for a Certificate of Reoccupation Following Clearance of Asbestos’

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Technical Scope of Works 

As part of any asbestos removal project it is important to ensure that the scope of works is developed by a competent person. Legislation puts a great deal of onus on the property owner or person in control to develop a technical scope or works. However typically the expertise to do so is lacking and subsequently the asbestos report is provided to the licensed contractor to provide a price from. This can lead to significant variances in the received proposals due to each contractor interpreting the survey results differently.

When you engage OHMS Asbestos to assist in developing a specification, after working with you to determine your needs, we will undertake a site inspection with suitably licensed contractors from an approved list. Often this will be a staged visit so that the contractors can view the work area and OHMS Asbestos can discuss the works in hand to receive input on the most suitable methodology to adopt.

From this site visit OHMS Asbestos will produce a written scope of works detailing how the asbestos material is to be removed and the timeframe for completion. Logistics for the project will be taken into account following discussions with the client and also documented. Any limitations for the project will be identified up front and communicated providing the opportunity in advance for contingencies. Finally, any reinstatement that is required will be determined and can also be actioned into the scope.

Tender Analysis

Upon receipt of the competitive quotations / tenders received from the development of the technical Scope of works, OHMS Asbestos will conduct a review of the documents received to ascertain suitability. Elements including the ability to show an understanding of the required works are considered, combined with the contractor’s prior experience with related works.

In addition to this the contractors submitted costs and suggested timescales are reviewed to ascertain value. After considering all these elements a recommendation is provided for the most suitable contractor for the works.

Removal Managment 

As part of the ongoing service that OHMS Asbestos provides in relation to asbestos removal and remediation, we assist in all aspects of managing the project. This includes liaison with the client and required contractors to establish and program timescales for the works. 

Advice on relevant stakeholders to be notified of the works are provided and an awareness session can be delivered if circumstances dictate. Asbestos removal can require notification to the relevant governing agency and differs across States. OHMS Asbestos will ensure the requirements are met in order to meet with legislative duty.

Project Supervision

When asbestos remediation is undertaken OHMS Asbestos can supply a consultant to be stationed on site to undertake all facets of the inspections and testing as required by legislation. Providing a dedicated resource to conduct activities such as background, control, reassurance and exposure asbestos fibre air monitoring and logging of site duties during the remediation process assists in ensuring the appropriate control measures have been implemented.

If a containment system is being implemented, the smoke integrity test prior to works commencing and the clearance inspection as part of the final aspect of all remediation will also be managed onsite by our consultant.

Asbestos Removal Control Plan Review 

Whenever an asbestos removal project is undertaken irrespective of the size and complexity the licensed asbestos removalist or suitable contractor instructed to undertake the works is required to provide an asbestos removal control plan (ARCP).

The ARCP should be project specific and provide sufficient detail as prescribed by legislation. OHMS Asbestos will undertake a review of the ARCP as part of our service offerings to ensure the documentation is accurate. In addition to this OHMS Asbestos will ensure the required notification of licensed asbestos work to the regulators are submitted as part of the documentation review.

Smoke Integrity Test 

Most asbestos removal is likely to generate airborne asbestos fibres however in circumstances such as when friable material is to be removed, so far as is reasonably practicable, the asbestos removal work area should be enclosed to eliminate the release of fibres.
Typically, the use of negative air pressure units will also be applied. In order to ensure the integrity of the work area and prevent the risk of asbestos fibres escaping to the environment a smoke test is undertaken. This is where the work area is filled with smoke and breaches are identified and sealed prior to the work area becoming a live asbestos work area.

OHMS Asbestos consultants are trained to be able to supervise this element of the project and will provide independent inspection and certification in line with the relevant Codes of Practice.


After asbestos has been removed there is a further stage in the process that is required and is often neglected due to the availability of the sites asbestos register. When OHMS Asbestos are engaged to partner with our clients in the management of asbestos, we will ensure the register is updated following the remediation works. This ensures the validity and robustness of the register is kept live for future site works.